Ubuntu Phone and the Ubuntu Desktop

Canonical announced today that there are phones running natively with the Ubuntu experience. I’m excited by this, because I think the Ubuntu experience on the phone is well thought out and coherent. I applaud the teams involved for their hard work and success in getting a working Ubuntu phone into peoples hands for some serious testing.

I’d also like to emphasize that the work that Canonical is doing for the phone form factor will not be affecting the work my team is doing on the Ubuntu desktop, at least not for Raring Ringtail. We have a single common Unity that runs across all the form factors, but part of the expression of Unity is that it works appropriately under different circumstances and what’s appropriate for the desktop is not always appropriate for the phone, and vice-versa. This is not Microsoft Windows 8, we’re not going to try to turn your desktop into a big touch-based phone without the dialy-talky bits. I fully expect improvements and enhancements that are a result of the work done for the phone to make their way onto the desktop over the next few releases, but for 13.04 we’re a team focused on bug fixes and usability enhancements.

But I am very excited about the phone.


2 thoughts on “Ubuntu Phone and the Ubuntu Desktop

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  2. So is this a sign that Ubuntu Unity is moving into Qt/QML? If so, it will really help with the desktop development in terms of sharing resources. You could do something like KDE does with plasma.

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